Vision & Mission

Organisation Overview

We aim to set the community on the path of attaining sustainable socio-economic development through creating opportunities, reaching out, providing education.
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Envisioning a world free of poverty and Hunger for better livelihood

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CORE'S Mission

"Our mission is to empower farmers and youth to be self-reliant , to self-develop, to self-market"

We provide access to Social amenities

Access road repair using Do-nou

Do- nou technology is a spot improvement  method of maintaining rural roads! CORE  believes in “repairing our roads by ourselves”.

Environment Conservation & Education

Environmental and hygiene education directly affects the future and the health of children. We provide fun learning experiences through ..

Supporting livelihoods

Uganda continues to host the largest refugee population in Africa with over 1,423 million refugees displaced by conflicts in the neighboring countries. The West Nile sub region alone is currently ...

Improving access to social amenities is CORE’s priority.

Organisation approach

CORE aims to help developing countries realise that “Problems of the developing world can be tackled by the people living there, in a way that is appropriate to the local context."

We promote the development of appropriate technologies, transfer them to the community members and make them take root in various parts of the world with ingenuity.

Many developing countries are agricultural countries but suffer from poverty due to a lack of rural infrastructure. How can we “Make people in developing countries happy with simple technology"?

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