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CORE uses appropriate Engineering Technology and Environment Science to address the needs of vulnerable communities in poor rural areas.

Community Road Empowerment (CORE) is an International Non-Government Organization registered in Uganda in 2018 with its headquarters based in Kyoto, Japan. The CORE’s philosophy is that "the problems of developing countries are solved by the people living there themselves, in a way that is suited to the local community". By improving their own rural infrastructure (farm roads, reservoirs, etc.) that people use on a daily basis through their own collaboration, the project motivates and inspires people to improve their living environment. Our ultimate aim is to create an impetus for voluntary rural development and to contribute to global poverty reduction.

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Engineering with Do-nou Technology

Do-nou technology is a spot improvement method of maintaining rural roads

Do-nou is a Japanese word for gunny bag with soil wrapped in it. Do-nou Technology is a soil reinforcement technique which involves use of gunny bags filled appropriately with either sand, farm soil, gravel and the opening properly secured. Do-nou makes use of locally available materials hence sustainable, easily adoptable by the community and can be replicated

Do-nou technology requires only locally available materials and it is easy to learn, hence anyone can acquire this skill and do the road maintenance. As of March 2022, we have repaired 5,002m of the Community Access Roads (CARs) and trained 2,697 people on how to improve and repair CARs

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Our WASH & Environmental Conservation

CORE promotes environmental conservation activities by implementing projects and training communities in activities such as nature conservation, soil and water conservation, water sanitation and hygiene, and climate change mitigation. Tree nursery establishment with the aim of nature and watershed restoration has helped the various groups trained to understand the importance of environmental conservation. CORE has also contributed to the decrease of water and sanitation-related diseases by promoting roof water harvesting in rural communities and schools. In addition, CORE has contributed to community sensitization on water, sanitation, and hygiene through workshops and education on waste handling and the provision of waste handling facilities such as bins to communities and schools. All these activities are geared towards making a better environment for the communities at large.

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